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CURLIT Coach Tool

CURLIT Coach Tool

The CURLIT Coach Tool covers all statistical fields, which are important to the Curling sport.
It allows valuable conclusions about strong and weak points of the players, about their strategy and about the course of the game.

CURLIT Coach Tool is successfully used at many international Curling events since 1994. The CURLIT Coach Tool (version 6.x) covers the following features:


  • rating of each played stone (incl. comments)
  • percentage values for each player (degree of details adjustable)
  • percentage values for each team
  • head to head statistics (showing numbers or diagram)
  • graphical recording and play back of each situation, stone by stone (incl. target position or broom)
  • graphical analysis
  • printout of situations
  • Copy statistics to clipboard for use in other software (e.g. MS Excel)
  • Game Setup Wizard
  • Game Summary Wizard
  • Game timer and Stopwatch (version 5.1, version 6.0 stopwatch with split time)
  • Guidelines (English, German, French or Italian)
  • Program in English or German or French (version 5.1)
  • Support for Mixed Doubles (version 5.4)
  • Support for events with different rules for last stone assignment (version 5.4) 
  • Customizing the application look (version 5.5)
  • Reuse team and player names, group them in categories and import/export your data (version 5.5), "My Team" configuration (version 6.0)
  • Enhanced support for Windows Vista and Windows 7, including help file (version 5.5)
    Help only in English
  • Dartfish tagging (version 6.0 Professional)
  • Summarize multiple games (version 6.0 Professional)
  • Additional statistics for inside-out / outside-in and end by end statistics (version 6.0 Professional)
  • In-/Out-Statistics also for standard version (version 6.1)
  • Support to enter statistics from the side (version 6.1)
  • Support for touch-screen (version 6.2)


Technical requirements:

  • Windows 11, 10, 8.x or 8.x Pro, Windows 7
  • Windows Installer 3.1 or newer


  • Standard licence 30 days Evaluation period: free (with limitations, graphics only for 5 ends)
  • Standard licence: EUR 200.00
  • Professional licence: EUR 360.00


CURLIT Coach Tool allows the coaches and players to arrange their practice individually, to record strengths and weaknesses within the team and to prepare themselves for the next game.


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