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Download CURLIT Coach Tool

CURLIT Coach Tool

Download the following file and open/execute it:


Save this file to your notebook and execute it.

Windows 11: If you get a warning from Smart App Control, you might need to manually allow the application. The application itself is secured.


  • Standard licence: EUR 200.00
  • Professional licence: EUR 360.00
  • Upgrade from version 5.x to version 6.5.x Standard: EUR 80.00
  • Upgrade from Standard to Professional: EUR 160.00


Improvements in version 6.5:

  • Option to hide or show X lines for lighter stones
  • "My Team" configuration improvements, also for Mixed Doubles
  • Bug fixing

Improvements in version 6.3/6.4:

  • Visual difference for stone colours
  • Stone size (customizable)
  • Adjustment of stone position with arrow keys
  • PRO version: time management improved for csv files
  • Bug fixing

Improvements in version 6.2:

  • 6.25: Windows 10 and high resolution screen improvements
  • 6.23: New Rules 2015 for Mixed Doubles
  • Wider spacing of buttons to support touch-screen operation
  • Technical updates

Improvements in version 6.1:

  • Rotate view sideways
  • First and second stone statistics
  • In/out statistics also in standard version

Improvements in version 6.0.1:

  • Standard and Professional versions
  • "My Team" configuration ("my team" is the first team in the default configuration, My_Team event)
  • Enhanced team and player configuration
  • Summarize multiple games (tournament or season statistics - Professional version only)
  • Additional statistics for inside-out and outside-in (Professional version only)
  • Additional statistics end by end (Professional version only)
  • File format includes current date and time for each stone
  • Tagging window for Dartfish application (customizable in Registry, Professional version only)
  • Resize part of the screen (for bigger/smaller buttons). Use double-click on the divider for standard.
  • Enter long remarks and comments
  • Stopwatch with split time
  • Bug fixing
  • Windows 7 and Vista compatible
  • Bug in installation and Diagram fixed (6.0.1)


Some older systems require additional files. If you get error messages, please try one of the following:

* Size depends on your operating system, additional 2 MB could be required.

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