Le Gruyère AOP European Curling Championships B-Divison 2023
Perth, Scotland
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Line-ups: Women B-Division - Session 17

Team     ↻ Player   Value↺ Player   Value   LSD Total 
Austria     AUGUSTIN H 37.8 cmWITSCHEN J 100.8 cm 138.6 cm*
Poland     KOLODZIEJ M 21.8 cmNOGLY E 166.0 cm 187.8 cm 



TeamPosition     Player
Austria     Vice-SkipAUGUSTIN Hannah    
Poland     SkipLIPINSKA Aneta    
Austria     SkipPFLUEGLER Verena    
Poland     Vice-SkipNOGLY Ewa    
Austria     SecondHOESS Johanna    
Poland     AlternateLESZCZYNSKA Marta    
Austria     LeadWITSCHEN Jill    
Poland     LeadKOLODZIEJ Magdalena    
Austria     AlternateKOTEK Julia    
Poland     Alternate-    


POL playing with only three players - Lead and Third play three stones each.




Round Robin Standings

Team   Wins   Losses 
B-Division Women   
POL8   1     Q
LAT7   2     Q
HUN7   2     Q
LTU6   3     Q
ENG6   3    
FIN5   4    
AUT3   6    
SLO2   7    
BEL1   8     >C
SVK0   9     >C
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