European Curling Championships C-Divison 2022
Kaunas, Lithuania
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Line-Up -

Team     ↻ Player   Value↺ Player   Value   LSD Total 
Lithuania          *



TeamPosition     Player
Lithuania     SkipRYKOV Konstantin    
Portugal     SkipRIBAU Chris    
Lithuania     ThirdRYMEIKIS Paulius    
Portugal     ThirdRIBAU Joe    
Lithuania     Vice-SkipKULAKAUSKAS Vytis    
Portugal     AlternateSEIXEIRO Steve    
Lithuania     LeadBALVOCIUS Mindaugas    
Portugal     Vice-SkipSANTOS Ramiro    
Lithuania     AlternateKIUDYS Donatas    
Portugal     AlternateSANTOS Victor    


POR playing with only three players - Lead and third play three stones each.




Round Robin Standings

Team   Wins   Losses
IRL7   1  
UKR6   2  
LTU6   2  
POR5   3  
ROU5   3  
CRO4   4  
BUL2   6  
AND1   7  
LIE0   8  
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