European Curling Championships C-Division 2023
Dumfries, Scotland
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Line-Up: Women - Sheet D                refresh


Team     ↻ Player   Value↺ Player   Value   LSD Total 
Portugal          *


TeamPosition     Player
Portugal   SkipMARTINS ETHIER Antonieta  
Ireland   Vice-SkipFYFE Alison  
Portugal   Vice-SkipSIMPSON Fiona Grace  
Ireland   SkipBARRON Ailsa  
Portugal   SecondPITA-GOODIS Irene  
Ireland   SecondFUREY Erin  
Portugal   LeadMARTINS FOLSTER Graciete  
Ireland   LeadWARD Jen  
Portugal   AlternateGALE SEIXEIRO April  
Ireland   Alternate-  


IRL started with only three players - Lead and Third play three stones each. FUREY E entered the game at the beginning of end 3


Current Results

POL    8        official
Sheet B             SVK    7        9 Ends
POR    6        official
Sheet D             IRL    9        8 Ends


Round Robin Standings

Team   Wins   Losses 
POL7   2     Q
SVK6   3     Q
POR6   3     Q
IRL6   3     Q
UKR5   4    
ESP5   4    
NED4   5    
FRA3   6    
WAL3   6    
SRB0   9    
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