World Wheelchair and World Wheelchair Mixed Doubles Curling Championships 2023
Richmond, BC, Canada
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Line-ups: Mixed Doubles - Session 12

Team     ↻ Player   Value↺ Player   Value   LSD Total 
Finland     KARJALAINEN M 199.6 cmKARJALAINEN S 22.1 cm 221.7 cm*
Norway     IVERSEN R 199.6 cmLORENTSEN R 199.6 cm 399.2 cm 



TeamPosition     Player
Finland     FemaleKARJALAINEN Sari    
Norway     FemaleIVERSEN Rikke    
Finland     MaleKARJALAINEN Markku    
Norway     MaleLORENTSEN Rune    


NOR did not fulfil the rule C8(e) about equal number of clockwise and counter-clockwise LSD stones. The players have been swapped and the values recorded as 199.6cm.




Round Robin Standings

Team   Wins   Losses 
Mixed Doubles   
Group A   
CHN9   0     Q
USA5   4     Q
SVK5   4     Q
SCO4   5    
EST4   5    
HUN4   5    
NOR4   5    
SUI4   5    
POL3   6    
FIN3   6    
Group B   
CAN8   0     Q
LAT6   2     Q
ENG6   2     Q
KOR5   3    
GER5   3    
ITA3   5    
JPN1   7    
SWE1   7    
DEN1   7    
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